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Cottage Country Stone 

Muskoka’s Septic System & Septic Tank Installation Contractors

Septic systems are very common in homes and cottage properties across Muskoka and rural Ontario. Whether you’re a current or future home or cottage owner in this beautiful part of the world, it’s always good to know that you’re dealing with professional contractors


Knowing what’s involved in the installation of your septic tank system will ensure you’re equipped with everything needed to make the right choice when securing the services of a dedicated septics expert.

Septic System Basics

What is a septic system? A professionally installed system consists of a septic tank and a leaching bed, which is also sometimes referred to as a tile bed or even septic drain field. A properly installed septic system treats sewage right in your own property before releasing the treated runoff safely back into the surrounding groundwater. 


Your septic system is considered as being privately owned, so as the property owner, you’re bound by law to makes sure it does it's job and works as intended. In short, it’s your responsibility, so it’s very important that everything from its installation, safe operation, as well as its maintenance and repairs are handled professionally.

Proper Septic System Maintenance is Important

Like any other equipment in your home or cottage, your septic system not only needs proper installation, it also requires maintenance to ensure it continues to work properly and does the job required of it. If properly installed by experienced professionals like Cottage Country Stone, it should work well and will last a long time. 


A properly functioning septic system provides a safe, reliable way of treating wastewater from your home or cottage. Without proper installation or maintenance, you could find yourself facing a number of issues, from endangering the health of your family and community, even causing irreversible damage to the environment and any nearby water resources. 


If a problem does arise? Replacement and repair costs can be extremely high, so be sure to practice proper septic system care and preventative maintenance, seeking professional advice and assistance for everything from septic tank installation to septic tank pumping. We provide our customers with a FREE septic inspection.

We Work on all Types of Septic Systems

Looking for a long-lasting, worry free, and professionally installed septic system? At Cottage Country Stone Ltd., we take great pride in our work. Our team of professionals is dedicated to installing all types of septic systems in Muskoka, Central Ontario, and across the GTA. 


If you’re planning on installing a new septic system, we can assist with every step of the journey, from finding an engineer to assist and design the system, obtaining the necessary permits, as well as installing the system. We’ll also work with municipal inspectors to obtain certification of your septic system.


To find out how we can help, as well as providing answers to any questions you may have concerning your septic sewage system needs, call us at (705) 205-9585. Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.


Cottage Country Stone: Your Muskoka-based septic system and septic tank installation professionals.

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Waterloo Septic 

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Waterloo septic system, Bracebridge

Filter Bed Septic System

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Septic bed, Muskoka River
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